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Unfortunately, we are unable to sell flower direct to anyone in South Carolina unless licensed by the SCDA.

All flower listed below is grown, dried, cured, packaged, and mailed to you from our farm. No third parties or middlemen. We harvest every week of the year, so check back often to see what’s ready.

While technically a greenhouse, our facility is not like most others. First, it is a Dutch style build with 18′ sidewalls. Also, it is truly automated (not just wall timers) wherever possible to give the plants their ideal levels of light, air temperature, humidity, ambient CO2, root zone O2, and growth phase specific nutrition via fertigation. Given that we have the added benefit of sunlight, our environment has what most indoor facilities are simply hoping to recreate. Post harvest, we gently run all flower through our GreenBroz trimmer and finish with a hand manicure before going to cure. Better than indoor? Well, at the least our greenhouse does have doors. Doesn’t that count? You be the judge!

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