Our Philosopy

It is all about tomatoes here at Holy City Farms. We strive to grow only the best tomatoes to supply local restaurants and your kitchen here in the greater Charleston area. We do this in a way that is healthy to you and the environment. The simple rule is that if it doesn't taste good, then we won't grow it! What good is a tomato if it is pretty, round, red and tastes like cardboard? Many of our customers, both young and old, had no idea tomatoes could taste so good.

Hydroponic Farming

We grow our produce in a greenhouse, so we can customize the environment to maximize growth year round! This gives our growing process several environmental advantages. We can take advantage of the sun throughout the winter. It may be freezing outside, but the plants are cozy inside. We nourish our plants with nutrient-rich water that we continually recycle and sterilize. This uses substantially less water than field growing. Finally, we use coco coir as a growing medium. No dirt! This means that our plants don’t have contact with soil-borne diseases, and pests or animal waste fertilizers.

Integrated Pest Management

Our products are free of any harmful chemical pesticides, insecticides or herbicides. We employ integrated pest management solutions, including biological controls such as using beneficial insects to prey on harmful pests. Outdoors plants are vulnerable to bugs and disease but in a greenhouse this is much easier to control. Bumble bees keep our plants healthy by pollinating them and beneficial predator insects, like Wasps, help combat the bad bugs. If we do spray anything on the plants, it is certified organic (OMRI). You can feel safe eating our tomatoes.

Food Safety

HCF is committed to producing tomatoes that meet the highest standards of food quality and safety. We are in the process of approval for GAP certification. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) modelled after the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s Good Manufacturing Practices address important food safety issues such as, water and nutrient use, pest control, cooler operations, and harvesting practices,(including worker hygiene), packaging and storage, and transportation.

The earliest reference to tomatoes being grown in North America is from 1710, when herbalist William Salmon reported seeing them in what is today South Carolina.”


Visit us this Fall at the Homegrown Johns Island Farmers Market Saturdays from 9-1!


One Pound Cherry Mix

A nice blend of our sweet sweet cherries.


One Pound Slicer Mix

A mix of our medium sized tomatoes for smaller households or those not completely addicted.


Two Pound Mix

Two pounds of our slicers. This is where you find the tomatoes destined for your sandwich or a nice caprese.


We deliver anywhere between Wadmalaw and downtown Charleston twice a week. Please contact us for availability and pricing.


Slice Mix

This is mix of our larger varieties. The goal here is a blend of taste and color. Available in 15lb flats.


Bite Mix

This is a blend of our smaller varieties. Our current mix contains 6 different cherry varieties. Available in 15lb flats.



We sometimes bring produce that we grow in our trial gardens. Anyone remember the heirloom cukes last year? Tasty. They may come back again this year!

Good Eats

What are restaurants doing with our tomatoes?


Fat Hen

Holy City Tomatoes and Cukes with arugula, shaved fennel, goat cheese, mixed berry vinaigrette and our house-made duck prosciutto.




"1st Course, #SlightlyNorthofBroad #LocavoreLunch, with Beaufort Bread Companys Woodfired Oven Flatbread and Holy City Farms heirloom tomatoes, housemade ricotta & young mustards. #yum #chswff #nofilter #firstbiteCHS"



Vincent Chiccos

"There's nothing a bowl of fresh, handmade pasta can't fix - trust us."


About Us

Holy City Farms began in 2010 as Backyard Gardening. Our family sold various heirloom tomato plants each year to co-workers. After the first year, we were hooked and wanted to find a way to do this year round. A small greenhouse was built and we began servicing our first two restaurants shortly thereafter…Slightly North of Broad and Fish. The daydreams began and by early 2013 we had purchased land and began construction. The first plants went into the greenhouse August of that year. It has been quite a ride, but what a great one! The work is insanely difficult in so many ways, but we are doing what we were made for. Thanks to everyone who helped get us where we are today.

Elizabeth Ransford

Elizabeth Ransford

The Boss

Elizabeth Ransford

Our children!

We do our best to put them to work. Maybe one day they will take over the business.

Shawn Ransford

Shawn Ransford

CTE - Chief Tomato Engineer


Assistant Growers

The team. These guys make it all happen.



Let's not forget our volunteers!


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